Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Achievement

Working at HQ today because there was a meeting at 12pm. Meeting ended early but I have requested my superior to allow me to work at HQ because by travelling back to my office will take me an hour. So working in a big meeting room alone with music. 

Went out late lunch to avoid unnecessary explanation why I'm here. Then only realised senior management was having lunch meeting in one of the office. Then I meet up with one of my senior where she came out with tired face and also her uniform is slightly wet. It reminds me of myself 5 years back before I join this new department. 

I use to feel tired and useless when I work at the previous department. Everyday you are doing the same task. I don't see myself in achieving anything at all. Everyday at work, I will be complaining non stop and management start to dislike me because of my complain and they start to think I am spreading rumours. 

I can remember clearly how I hate my work and how I hate myself. I don't see any future of myself at all. Every year I requested to change department, but each time the answer will be the same which is "have to wait for new recruit to replace your position". Patiently I waited for 4 years. 

At the 4th years, I cannot take it anymore, I went to to my Human Resource Department and told them if I am not allow to transfer I will have to move on. Thank god, there is one vacancy during my request and there is how I manage to come out to lease marketing department. 

Went through lots of challenges at the beginning, but I tell myself I can do it. No matter what happen as long as I stick with my principle I believe I can do it and here I am, doing more meaningful task and manage to list down my achievement. I can talk confidently about my jobscope and I can see myself thinking most of the time in improving my skill. I feel very lucky that I choose to voice out and go after what I want. 

I guess God love those who take initiative. Amitabha.. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Reading today's newspaper and they were talking about credibility at work. While reading I was smiling. I was thinking about my current situation. If everyone put integrity and honesty first, World Peace will happen. Everyone is killing each other for own benefit. Some people take others people honesty and trust for granted. 

It happen in every corporate company especially big company. Human are selfish creature. They kill each other for own benefit. I just feel no one can be trusted now. Today you were buddies, tomorrow you will be enemy. For just few reason which is Money, Power, Position and Name. 

Me? I always tell myself, life is too short for me to be waste on planning how to kill another person for own benefit. I stick with my own principle: Work simple, achieve goals with integrity & honesty. I believe one day I will success with my own benefit.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Seriously Officially Apple User

Officially IPhone user now..After long consideration, I decided to give IPhone6 a try. He bought the IPhone for me as my early birthday present. No harm trying since I started to use IPad. As usual, still hate the way I have to go through ITunes to transfer the documents and songs.

 So, as usual, new phone you need casing for protection and also the screen protector to ensure no scratches. Not able to get Hello Kitty case on the spot, so have to buy a temporary casing and I decided to choose Mickey Mouse case so that once I found my lovely Hello Kitty case, I can donate to my cousin wife. 

After few days using the Mickey Mouse case, finally I found Hello Kitty case (even though I have already purchase online and waiting for stock to arrive). Not able to stop myself to purchase the lovely case which cost RM20.00. Also bought a new case for my office phone, Samsung S4 which cost me RM15.00.

Love Hello Kitty So Much.....Waiting for the balance of the case to arrive. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Dictionary BookMark

I always love books. That is why I love bookmarks. I have alot of bookmarks collection. 
Recently I found a very interesting bookmark at TIMES bookstore @ Citta Mall. 

Dictionary Bookmark. I found this item is very interesting and very useful especially reading on hardcopy book. If you are reading on Kindle you have no issue because Kindle has built in dictionary. 

It looks so cool and without hesitate, I purchase it. Original price is RM119.90. I have signed up for Times bookstore membership and I able to have 20% + RM3.00 discount for any item in one receipt. So after discount, is RM95.92.

So if I'm reading on hardcopy, I have dictionary with me all time. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Officially Apple User!

Finally after so long I am an apple user again. Quite some years ago I owned an Ipad which is the 1st version and I used it for few months and decided to let my mom and dad used it to watch youtube. 

I find it very troublesome to use Apple Products because everything will need to be going through Itunes. So I have been using Samsung products for years. No issue with the products. Convenient and simple. One thing bad about Samsung product is because after some time, the whole system will be unstable and lag. 

After so long, I have decided to get myself a tab because I seriously need it for travelling and surfing purpose because if I used my phone, battery dried up very fast. So my bf convince me to give a try on Ipad again because when I told him I wanted to buy Samsung Tab S but the pricing is bit expensive which is RM1700.00++. He feel the tab is over priced and as usual, after some time I will face the same thing which is slow and lag. 

After considering, I decided to give a try again and I bought IPad Mini 3, 16GB, Gold. 
Bought it at Mac City One Utama. 

I bought the capacity of 16GB is because is mainly for surfing purpose. Not to store any photo's or documents. So I don't need big capacity and moreover 16GB cost around RM 1300.00 where 64GB cost about RM 1700.00.

As usual, when you buy the tablet, you also need to buy the casing as well to protect it. You don't want them to be scratch or dented. I have choosen this casing because as usual, it looks like a book. I love books. This casing cost me RM 119.00. Expensive but I hope it can last long compare to Pasar Malam version. 

I have start using it and bringing this new toy around for few days. Still need ITunes to transfer things but hope I won't give up on this Apple product again. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Kindle Day

I always love to have a book with me all the time in my bag. That is the reason why I always have my Kindle with me. I have 2 kindles; one which is with keyboard and the recent version is the 5th generation. Bought it from Lowyat Forum and as usual without casing. 

Kindle is not openly for sale in Malaysia and as far as I know, kindle fans have to go through 3rd party to purchase it. However, recently kindle can be easily purchase through a group of committee at Kindle Malaysia website. I love their motto which is Painless way to buy & own kindle in Malaysia

But is too late for me to realized this lovely website. I bought it at the forum and they did not have any package as per the Kindle Malaysia. So I owned the Kindle 5th generation without a proper casing to protect. 

Recently I bought one lovely casing at ebay and this seller is very efficient. I received the casing in less than 2 weeks. This casing is actually for Kindle 4. However, I have compare both Kindle 4 and Kindle 5 sizes. So kindle 4 case can be used for Kindle 5. 

Bought is for RM26.00. Very nice colour..

It fit my lovey kindle perfectly. Now I can travel with my kindle without worry that it will be scratch by thing in my tong sampah bag. 

Both lovely Kindle with a proper protection. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Biotherm and Clarisonic

Spending alot on facial this month. Almost RM1k ++.. I'm going to bankrupt soon. No choice, have to ensure the face skin is healthy as face is one of the assets for ladies. 

I bought Biotherm new products which is call Life Plankton Essence. According to my facial consultant, this essence is to be applied the 1st thing after toner. Since my face condition is getting worst because I have been working outdoor recently and it will be frequently for this year so I decided to purchase this new product to see how is the result. 

Using Biothem products since 2 years back, and I am very satisfied with their products and services. So I have whole set facial product including mask is by Biotherm. Yesterday only I realise how expensive my face is. 

I also bought a cleansing device which is by Clarisonic. There are 3 types for this device however, I have choosen the middle range which is called ARIA. This device cost me RM690.00. Bought additional brush as well because brush need to be replace every 3 month. 

The reason why I have invested this device is because I hardly go for facial and with my current face skin condition, I have decided to to purchase this device in order for me to ensure my face skin is clean after cleansing. Using manual cleansing will not be as clean as using Clarisonic Device. Can read more details in their webpage . I start using it for 3 days now. So will observe and see the result. I do feel that my face skin more fresh and smooth but I will have to observe for few more weeks before I confirm that. usual, I love diary.. Biotherm have their Goat Year diary which is very beautiful. I already have my Starbucks diary, so I not sure when I'm going to use this beautiful diary..